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Imagine no global warming, it's easy if you try..


Imagine if the summers were not getting so hot that we risked burning to ashes, and that there will always be hot days and cold ones as they always have been in the past. Imagine too, that the sky was not filling up with poisonous gas any time soon, and any wind around just blew it away as soon as it came out of a chimney or car tailpipe. What kind of a odd world would that be? How would regional councils pass the time without the need to endlessly debate the extent of imposing eco-regulations that may eventually govern every facet of our daily lives? Could we live in a world where no one was really certain whether or not oil was running out? Could we sleep at night, knowing that there was no obvious horrendous Armageddon looming, knowing that we did not have to pay a tax for the sunshine, for the right to light a camp fire when we slept in a tent on the beach and for the right to drive out of the city? How would we explain to our children that it was not their job to save the planet, and that they could actually enjoy their lives and go back to leaving lights on, cardigans off, and kicking aluminum cans along the sidewalk?


That the world is still beautiful, bountiful and big enough to absorb all mankind's difficulties and bungling mistakes and carry on functioning regardless is too impossible to imagine. But let's pretend that one day a scientist, coming from left-field and acting on a hunch, was struck by a random thought. And further imagine that this thought was that weather and what caused it could be put down to a natural process. What howls of scorn, suppressed laughter and unkind guffaws would he have to endure from his peers! What a skyward rolling of the eyes when he approached, and how his family and acquaintances would be ostracized, for here would be a traitor, in league with the devil and heathen of the worst order. To entertain a notion that man was not responsible for the climate! Whatever next!


Imagine if he dared to follow that thought and see where it lead. Why, it might occur that earthquakes and volcanoes were also part of nature, and that glaciers and ice sheets and deserts may also be subject to forces and cycles that were well beyond understanding and human influence. There could be no stopping this insane speculation, as he might reflect that our Sun can be seen from hundreds of millions of miles away but the exhaust from a car from not half a mile, and that there is weather on other planets that oddly have no air and no emission trading schemes.


He may get to wondering too, why the Arctic never keeps expanding until the whole world is covered in ice, nor does it keep reducing until there is no ice left. Rather, it seems to come and go on some regular cycle. Similarly he may notice that the mighty ocean has never kept warming until it boiled away, nor never kept cooling until it became a huge solid block of ice, but rather the temperature of that vast watery expanse seems perpetually and regularly over geological time to simply go up and down. He may also realize that almost everything that we used to call nature does go up and down, and in and out, and bigger and smaller, faster and slower, and backwards and forwards, amazingly all by itself and without our meddlesome hand. Small animals, insects and fish seem to thrive away from our kindly eyes, almost as if they had minds of their own.


But wait - he is just getting started. What if women did not, after all, come from someone's rib as the bible states, what if every species of animals, bird, fish and virus did not once cram into a tiny houseboat to ride out a storm? What if Santa Claus does not live at the North Pole? What if 3 was actually unlucky? How will planting thousands of trees help change weather patterns, when weather is generated 6-8 miles up at the level Boeings fly, and trees are so far below they can't even be distinguished from land? Why are we being asked to pay for plastic supermarket bags but not for the plastic in other items, when one Coke bottle is equivalent to 50 plastic bags and one disposable nappy could make 150,000 bags?


We are more and more finding that in a previously free world, now some questions are not allowed to be asked. We cannot publicly conjecture on the effect an ETS will have on climate, for the ETS is the agenda and not transparency about the rationale for it. The government wants the ETS for two major reasons. In the grand scheme of politics, world trade and the world banking system wants it because it is another step towards world government by a banking elite that wants to suppress poorer countries so the latter can become slave labour for the west. Closer to home, governments want it because the Greens want it and western governments want the Greens.The Greens want it because without it they have no point of difference and without a point of difference they are out of a job.


The irony is that following Green policies means eventually we will all be out of a job. Environmentalists do not seem to be aware that farming is not sustainable without allowing belches and farts to run footloose across our fields. Factories cannot function without workers being allowed to drive to them each morning. Food cannot stay fresh in supermarket shelves and freezers without plastic wrapping, without process and without freight. But who and what will pay for the added expenses incurred by not having these items of progress? Certainly not the Greens. We are not allowed to ask who will pick up the final bill for all these new eco restrictions, because the answer is every living breathing Australian and NZer. We are not allowed to ask how a huge thermal mass (oceans) heats dramatically and has its total acid balance disturbed due to the micro-heating from above of small thermal mass (air).


Because the global warmers would be sprung with that simple question. By how much heat? Just 2degC over 100 years, according to the IPCC. Try putting an element that only warms to two degrees (a fluorescent bulb would do) into a big bowl of water and see if the water warms above room temperature. A lot of us have aquariums with tropcal fish. Have you noticed how they ALL simply LOVE swimming around the heater? So what's that about?? We do know that there is a major CO2 measuring station in Hawaii at a volcano, Mauna Loa. Hawaii is a major location of volcanic activity. There is a huge hot spot there.  Lava is tumbling into the ocean right now. A new Hawaiian island is being formed right now. When hot lava enters the ocean, the localized heat source causes CO2 to outgas from the ocean. But we are not allowed to ask if this makes the station data biased.


But just imagine a world in which we could ask innocent questions like these and get honest answers, from someone knowledgeable and free enough to answer without fear of losing their job at the state-provided lab. Imagine if we lived in an environment of commonsense, perhaps with a Ministry of Kindness, where caring for truth became a national pursuit, and the rush to feather one's own nest or increase one's public standing came not at the expense of limiting freedoms of another - and greed, power and profit were not held up as good business ethics. That might just save human life on planet Earth. The legacy to leave to our children should be not to allow lying scientists to con us for their research funding agendae, and not to tolerate scamming politicians bent on tax-grabs to provide misinformation, suppress truth and somehow be allowed to call that consensus. Imagine if John lennon was right, and harmony ruled a world's people who were at intellectual peace, because above us was only sky.





Ken Ring, of is the Auckland-based Australasian longrange forecaster who predicts coming weather by calculating the orbits of the Moon and Sun. He is also longrange consultant to Australia’s Channel Seven network and the author of the Predict Weather Almanacs (2009 and 2010) both for NZ and Australia, publisher Random House NZ



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