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This is Ken Ring's original 230-page book. It describes the three main cycles of the Moon and how when they combine they can create extreme weather events. It contains enough to get you started. 

This is the way ancient societies did and still do longrange forecasting. It is also how Stonehenge and other stone curcles, and stone temple structures throughout the world, acted as virtual laptops of their day to calculate weather ahead.

Why was this knowledge lost? Why does western society now find this body of ancient knowledge strange, new and the idea possibility "unscientific" and slightly unsettling? Why isn't it taught in schools? Simply because it is part of old astrology which was the first real science and still the first science in many cultures. Anything to do with astrology is still shunned and made into a joke by westernism. Money, religion and politics, the usual reasons, are to blame for the loss and sidelining of the original science of astrology which evolved into today's astronomy, meteorology, medicine, agri-science and husbandry.

The astrology of old is not the party game that today's generations think it is. It is based on commonsense. Obviously the sun affects life on earth. The planets affect the sun, especially the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, which cause tides of extra solar radiation that we call sunspots, which in turn create extreme weather down here. So therefore the planets have an effect on Earth (which means everything on the Earth). The moon is a very close planet. It controls tides because it has a gravitational pull. The moon has no eyes or brain and presumably can't work out where the water is, so it will pull it all in a tidal way, which includes the huge amount of water always in the air (the airtide) and the water within your own body. This is simple logic and science. When the moon comes closer every 27-days the effects will change. The weather results from daily changes in the airtide.

The fact that the public has been misled into believing that weather is random, chaos and unpredictable, and not a regular cyclical pattern, has been a con by meteorologists who want everyone to believe that only they have any answers. Whilst they cannot predict for more than a few days ahead, still they will announce what extreme weather will arrive in 50-years time as a result of "global warming", "climate change". It is like saying that because someone one day saw a big wave come in, the tides will be colossally higher and faster-flowing at Piha in 50-years time, so much so they could wreck the planet. It is just fantasy without evidence.

Nature is about repeatable cycles and patterns, and when it comes to weather, basically around 19 years. This book tells you some of the the ins and outs of this pattern. We suggest you and your friends read the book, send the pdf to others, then try the moon method yourselves for your own results. You may never look at the moon in the same way again..

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