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12 Oct   Very humbled to receive a scroll of honour at the VAC awards on Sunday night

12 Oct   Seismic risks as N Island in firing line of new moon just after midnight tonight. Our Oct newsletter warns of possible 4+mag between 11-14th

12 Oct   2016 for Australia Long hot summer, cyclones, autumn rains, but bad winter will cause crop damage in many states.

10 Oct   Still on track for first half of Nov being nearest spell of more than a week of dry days in NZ. Discount for 2016

9 Oct    El Nino: facts vs factors Latest news release from BoM revises everything they had previously predicted. …

8 Oct   NZ for 2016 Serious drying out between Otago and Canterbury, and Hawkes Bay. Special deal for 2016 weather almanacs …

6 Oct   Ireland weather Light falls this week, but heavier rain in second half of October. Next dry spell of more than 5-6 days is at start of Nov.

5 Oct   In NZ Over past week of supermoon timeframe, above average seismic activity - 16 recorded and felt earthquakes, the highest being 4.4mag.

4 Oct    h Strongest-ever El Nino? BS. Comprehensive satellite data goes back only to 1979 so it would be impossible to call any El Nino the worst ever

21 Sept The planet is doing fine. There is no problem. Let's do ourselves a favour and stop trying to make one up.

20 Sept  After a wet Oct in NI, first half November should be dry for most of NZ  (20 days later and we're still on track)

19 Sept  On 5 August our tweet warned "Snow possible at or near..16 Sept. for Christchurch" Just keeping the skeptics honest

19 Sept  NZ did NOT get a tsunami. CHILE did.

17 Sept  Southland can expect wet early summer, then dry Jan, then average Feb.  Cheviot gets good rain in second half of Nov. Then drought resumes.

17 Sept  Concern in NZ could be ear damage due to tsunami alarms.  Wave takes 12 hours to get here. Large eqs also come to NZ within month after Chile

17 Sept  Ireland  Next dry spell of 5 days or more starts 2 October, then 2 November.

14 Sept  Next 4 wks very wet Coromandel, E Northland + Auckland.  Very dry W Coast + Sthn Lakes. Temps below avge, espec S and E. Cldy NI, sunny SI

14 Sept  Ireland  Next 4 weeks; warm and mostly sunny, very dry in the east  For more info, apply for our free newsletter

13 Sept Ireland. For the 22-24 Sept Laos Ploughing Championships, light rain may dampen the event.  Drier time 2-8 October

8 Sept  Most of NZ on below rain averages after Oct. Worst hit may be Gis/HB for summer drought. Need to stock up on mulch.

7 Sept  Next widespread rain near the end of the week for most of NZ, and mostly in evening and overnight. Also good fishing chances after Friday.

7 Sept  Lamb loss preventable. I told Farming Show earlier in year: don't put rams out before end April because frosts would last to 23 Sept

6 Sept  Talk of records is a function only of the digital age, not of nature. It is not hotter than ever before.

6 Sept  Erosion's not new - how about reverse erosion. Otherwise all coastlines would have vanished millions of years ago

4 Sept  Australia. Chance widespread rain 12-14 Sept for NSW, QLD, Alice Springs, VIC and SA. WA rain Geraldton to Esperance likely from 7-22 Sept

3 Sept  Auckland and Wellington unlikely to see a dry spell of more than 4 days before a dry first half of November. Not so Christchurch and Dunedin

2 Sept  Not record warmest year. Met stations in warmer sites, cooler sites closed, in 1990s digital replaced analogue which couldn't read tenths

1 Sept   For Ireland.  About 8 days dry weather, then stormy in southern half around 8th-10th, then 13-15th, give or take a day  NZ Weather Almanac 2016 Fathers Day Special, 15% discount for this week only. Who will suffer a drought this summer? …   Strong earthquake risk 14-17 Sept in San Francisco-Mexico region. Reason: moon crossing equator, new moon, in furthest apogee of the year.   Ireland Heavy rain and chances of flooding in second half Aug. Aug mild, up to 19-20C at times Sept wet first half. …   Ireland Misquoted by media. I said Aug is WET and no significant dry spells until first weeks of both Oct then Nov. …,

July as predicted … "wet 1st and 4th weeks July and 1st and 3rd weeks Aug" Aug also working out …   For NSW skiers At Snowy Mts, good this weekend until mid next week. Next good time is all of the first half of Sept   Turoa Good skiing til Thursday. Then 10-14 Sept Whakapapa 14-19 Aug. Then 1-4 and 16-20 Sept Oct. no dates - Nov ok   Significant drought after Sept. for a SI region. No rain past single digits until March 2016.  South Is. not nearly finished with snow. Chch last snow 17 Oct, Cheviot and high country about 20 Jan. Snow well into October for others  Hawaii Current hurricane in SE China is making Hawaiians anxious. But such intense storms unlikely for Honolulu until second half of October  Florida: More heavy rain (+possible flooding) around: Mid Aug Last few days Sept 2nd week Oct 2nd and 4th weeks Nov Xmas Day 2nd week Jan  In NZ Snow possible at or near 1-3 and 16 Sept. for Christchurch. In N Is., if operators will extend ski season it could end in mid November  (5 Aug) In NZ, 15 Aug, wintry both islands, rough in Cook Strait. 25 Aug, cold blast N Is., snow showers C Plateau. 30 Aug, snow for Chch. +/- a day   (4 Aug) Auckland rain somewhere in region right until 18th. 19th-20th clear then back to the wet. Wellington rain: 6, 12-17th, 20-25th and 29-30th   (4 Aug) For Cork, warm temps second half August, but risks of flooding at end of August, first half of Sept, end of Oct and end of Nov.   (3 Aug) Earthquake risks August for NZ 6-7th (3rdQ) 11th (N dec) 14-18th (NM - Apogee) 21st -23rd (1stQ) 30th (FM+Perigee)   (3 Aug) August - UK and Ireland Exceptionally warm month. Followed by unusually mild winter. No frosts/snow until December. Reason: lunar cycle.  (1 Aug) So El Nino this year and next? … Hey NIWA, not news - we tweeted exactly that 21 monthsago .

(30 July)  August in NZ Three main rain phases: 9-13, 21-25 and 28-31 August, give or take a day
29 July
Stories of mini-ice age freezing winters soon for Ireland is misplaced.
This winter mild.
No winter will be as cold as 2010 until 2021-22
28 July
Climate comes from
1. angle of sun's rays (latitude)
2. direction of prevailing winds
3. topography of land.
None of those changeable by man
28 July
Re global warming and sea level rise, Hold a 2000C blowtorch above a pan of water the water will boil and the level go down. A 2C blowtorch?
28 July
In 1998 NIWA said the sea level was rising at 1mm per year, which is 10cms per century. What has changed their minds? Science not settled?
28 July
So sea level rising 3m per century? NIWA says 1m, Al Gore says 65m.  If can't agree how much rise, how are they certain it's rising at all?
26 July
August in NZ
13th-16th: snow both islands
28th-31st: chance of floods in lower NI +parts of Cant.
31st: earthquake risk
26 July
August for NZ
Drier than av in NI, espec BoP and HB. Most rain 13th, 22nd and 30th.
Wetter than av in SI, most rain 11th, 21st-23rd and 30th
24 July
Australian meteorologists are guessing the El Nino will peter out in spring.
My calculation: the EN will carry on until midway through 2016
24 July
Ireland goes dry next Tuesday 28 July until about 1 Aug,
Then heaviest rain for August all in the first week of Aug
23 July
This morning's widespread fog was missed by the NZ Metservice, but predictable by today's 1st Quarter moon
Ken Ring added,
Ken Ring @kenringweather   1st Q moon (24th) can tend to rain, fog, cloud or tornadoes, usually before noon.
"Rain before 7 gone by 11" refers mostly to this phase..
23 July
Ireland; temp swing 29 July - 1 Aug.
Autumn temps not before third week Oct
Cold enough for frosts from about 18 Oct
21 July
For Ireland, August may be dry about 1st, 18th, 28th.
Heavy rain in first week. First half of month is the wettest.
21 July
Ireland, autumn will be warm, average rain and above average sun.
Followed by a mild winter.
20 July
Drought begins in NZ from second week of December, mainly affects eastern regions, Hawkes Bay, S Canterbury, Waikato, BoP.
Not lasting
20 July
Mid August: wintry conditions both islands NZ, swells+high winds Cook Strait, typhoon in Hongkong,
Last week Aug: wintry blast North island
20 July
This week: heavy rain Japan, floods eastern Europe+Poland, snow Ruapehu,  Desert Rd closes
End July: bad weather far north, floods Germany
17 July
20-23 July, potential for moderate quake activity SI of NZ.
Many planet aspects + apogee on 21st.
Just before night low tides at Lyttleton
14 July
15-16 July our next moderate earthquake risk.
Then 23rd-24th. Blame new moon.
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14 July
Next wintry blast for NZ 20-24 July. Then 28-30 July.
Frost danger for lambing in South Island should be largely over by 23 September.


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