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I am available for public talks, seminars, conferences etc. My fees are negotiable but affordable and many sessions are free. In the past I have spoken at monitor field days, A&P shows, conferences of Federated Farmers, Mystery Creek, outdoor activity clubs and organisations like gardening societies, kayaking and fishing clubs, astronomical and astrological societies, ski operators and construction seminars. This spring I will be embarking on various road shows throughout NZ. For NZ enquiries please email me as below, and for the organisation of overseas engagements please contact Vicki, at
Many living in isolated rural areas do not have time to attend public talks in main centres. I have a 17-year history of speaking in woolsheds, halls and gymnasiums of area schools and small community halls. No gear is needed - I bring my own in my large vehicle, but I do require power. Contact me on if you would like a presentation in your neck of the woods.
It is always difficult for schools and sports clubs to raise funds. The deal I offer is that if a school or club has a room large enough to hold an audience, we can create a fund raising event. In return for the hall hireage, the publicity and the basic refreshments, the school or club keeps 100% of the door takings. That means if, say a $12 charge is levied, then for 50 attendees $600 would be generated. The school or club is free to set whatever door charge is desired. I often suggest that $12 be for prebookings and $15 be the charge on the night. Contact me at or ring 09 817 7625 for further details.
Subject matter
My presentations can be tailored to fit an interest requirement, but are usually about predicting weather using Sun, Moon and natural signs, and include a layman's guide to quick techniques that can be applied immediately. The outlook on what weather to expect in forthcoming seasons for the particular region is also provided. No prior knowledge of meteorology or physics is required. Children are especially welcome (entry free for under 12yrs) and the sessions are suitable for family entertainment, often incorporating items of magic. It is my desire that farmers and interested folk do try these methods for themselves. The methods are what have been used for thousands of years and are tried and true, and are still utilized in many other cultures.
Phone: 09 817 7625
Mobile: 021-970-696
I have recently returned from a road show through Eyre Peninsular, South Australia, under the auspices of the E.P.I.C corporation.
South Australia is wheat, grain and legume country and of these commodities among the world's top five exporters. Farms in the region can be typically about 15000 acres and one bad season can lose the entire farm. These are big stakes and for some owners a million dollars puts a crop in. Sessions were held in Ceduna, Wudinna, Kimba and Cummins. It was good to meet folk whom I previously have only known of as names in places, some who have been clients for around 10 years. 
The road show received sponsorship from producers, banks, traders, brokers and storage, handlers and transporters, each of whom explained their services. Also very popular was the Coopers spokesman, who explained the use of malt and barley in beer manufacture and generously supplied endless free cold beer at the end of each seminar. My thanks to Tracey and Willo for allowing me the opportunity, and to the folk who turned up and expressed their support and interest in this form of forecasting. 
The EP is spectacular. In the south the fields are golden yellow with kanola or green with lentils or peas. Small shrubs indicate low rainfal areas, whilst larger trees show districts that register higher rain averages. The country is flatter in the north, but gently rolling land attracts rain. Ceduna is where I flew first to, and is a small aborigine affairs town on the west coast and at the northwestern end of the EP. Wudinna was inland and from there to Kimba crosses the exact centre of the region. The roads are good but take a heavy beating from the heavy trucks and trailers. Kimba is a sizeable town and home to the EPIC offices. It had a huge sports club and a conference room, much needed for the large crowd that came. We then drove straight down the middle of EP through Lock to Cummins. After the Cummins session it was down to Port Lincoln.  The team at Predictweather have produced 2016 weather wall calendars for Ceduna, Wudina, Kimba and Cummins.

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