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Weather modification


A correspondent sent me this link asking me if I have considered weather modification..

 “Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” (SAG), AKA or “solar radiation management” (SRM), are fancy science names for the notion of changing weather patterns by introducing particles (called aerosols) into the air. Science feels it has to name everything under the sun whether they exist or not, including whims,  in a way that sounds important.  If a name is unpronounceable as in medicine, or even better if it hints of Latin, the impression is that it is valid and Man has some handle on it.

This weather modification idea is intended to question the veracity of longrange forecasting.  But aerosols do not create weather, which comes initially from the cycles of moon and sun. These cycles of extraterrestrial bodies create earth's ocean currents by way of electrical field action on the earth's inner core, which energizes ocean currents. In turn the ocean currents move upwards to create waves, wind systems, sea surface temperatures and storms. Once the potential storm systems have been put in place, nature's vast aerosols then allow condensation.

 There is simply no physical way that substances introduced into the air by Man can change the orbit of the moon, the electrical fields around the earth, the seasons nor the rotation of the sun. Neither can they penetrate deep into the ocean to energize or change the direction of currents, some as high as 10-storey buildings, which are induced and aided by underwater eruptions that also cannot be reached by anything from the air.

 Whilst it is true that raindrops gather around dust particles, it is a fact that the amounts of dust and volcanic impurities in the atmosphere at any one time is so immense and outweighing, and so ongoing on such a huge scale for the thousands of millions of years before Man came along, that it is absurd to think that Man, still almost completely absent on 98.4% of the surface of the globe, could add any significant proportion of aerosols to the available air. 

Even if Man was able to do so, weather is generated between the ground and 40kms into the atmosphere, far too high for any manmade substances, which are mostly heavier than air anyway, to reach to. Regardless of the air pollution we are shown to be happening in places like Beijing, pollution is not weather and does not alter weather, otherwise you would see weather anomalies hovering above pigsties.

However, species vanity is what we specialise in. We think humans are the Master Race. In fact we are well down the ladder in terms of mastery. Almost all other species of living creatures, be they insects, birds, fish or mammals, can detect weather changes, earthquakes, droughts and floods, with good time to spare to move nests or temporarily relocate. More accurately we are the Dumb Race. We are unable to adequately feed, shelter, protect or nurture our own species, which is rare in nature. Our Greed Gene conflicts with our sense of survival, and we are easily swayed by rhetoric from fools who in reality are feathering own nests whilst pretending to be the harbingers of truth.

The cloud-seeding scam has been around for a while with enough people to believe it that it carries on being put forward. The Chinese put millions of dollars into trying to seed for rain before the Beijing Olympics, so it would be a dry event. They failed, with many events having to be postponed due to weather.

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