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Just add wind - sailing boat

TUESDAY MAY 31, 2016

Ideal kids gift
Davilon the Morocat - she really sails! ..
This concept is an introduction into New Zealand's greatest sailing passion.

See the boat in action on Youtube

Morocat is a real sailing boat for young and old (just add wind!)
Invented by singer, songwriter and sailor Andrew Fagan, "Davilon The Morocat" is a replica size sailing boat designed for speed, something to delight both children and their parents.

No batteries are required. It is perfectly balanced and weighted, and all components are made with high quality marine grade parts, including stainless steel fittings and double coated nylon ripstop UV resistant sails.

Teaches children about the physics of wind power - Morocat sails and tacks like a real boat. It will also get the kids (and their Dads) off the electronic devices and out into the fresh air.

Davilon is assembled in 5 minutes. The sails are in one piece and masts press into the holding brackets, then the keel is pushed in, screwed into position and you're away. Packaged in a box that can be used as a display case for the assembled boat. Just drop in water, a lake, the sea, large pool or pond, and watch it go.

Suitable age : 6 - 60
Cost: $60 (includes GST and courier post)

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Morocat are a writer and designer team based in New Zealand. Designer Andrew Fagan is also a renowned sailor, holding two world records for small boat solo sailing. He is also the author of several poetry books and an account of his solo voyages: ‘Swirly World’ Your Saggimau Sailing Boat comes with a map of Port Perfect and a set of instructions including sailing tips on how to get the best performance out of your boat. You also receive a fully illustrated 36-page storybook titled ‘On Plastic Bag Patrol’ featuring the characters from the Land of the Saggimau. All components are tested to marine quality including stainless steel fittings, double coated nylon ripstop sails and marine plywood keel.
We have been granted permission to sell a limited number of Davilons. Please order early because stocks will decrease as Christmas approaches.
Own your own!

See the boat in action on Youtube

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