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'New Meteorological Techniques' contains information about predicting for any year ahead. The solar cycle has been calculated until 2100. Some controversial new concepts.
433 pages. 
Cost; 57.88NZD (+22 postage)

'How to Predict Earthquakes (in advance)' is in response to many requests on the subject. You will be able to use the 'weighting' system for any date anywhere. It contains the method employed to predict for each Christchurch event through 2011 (using Twitter), and  people never again need to traumatised by ignorance. 
264 pages.
Cost: 24.35NZD (+18 postage)

 'We Used to Call it Summer', is 350 pages of all the claims put forward by the Greens/Labour to support their case for climate change. But it is a massive tax-gathering fraud, actual evidence is lacking. It is religion relying heavily on faith. The fake news is generated by the Left wing media, and sell sensationalism.
Cost: 32.95NZD (+19 postage)

'The Romany's Apprentice'  is mostly autobiographical. It is the story of my life and my involvement with the Romany people. It is not about weather. 216 pages.
Cost: 19.95NZD (+17 postage)

 This book is aimed at children. It is a 90-page satire, the story of the Evil Environmentalists and their bid to tax the whole world. But an 11 year old boy spoils their plans. You will meet GoreyBits, Oil-George and the Queen of Noisyland, and how they nearly got away with their massive hoax!
Cost: 8.90NZD (+17 postage)

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