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Longrange for November 2018


World temperatures are subject to cycles of the sun's heat and local conditions. Weather timing is controlled by the moon. Global warming/climate change, the idea that the activities of Man can influence temperatures in any way, is pure nonsense, the scientific scam of the century, and an elaborate financial taxation fraud, and will be borne out in the northern hemisphere by a bitterly cold January 2019.

November 2018

The late season hurricane rain is dying out over Newfoundland.

1st – a ridge of high pressure extends over Ireland. Light winds south to south-west. Rain Darwin.  

2nd – More rain and strong southerly winds return ahead of an active front, clearing to a showery westerly flow on the 3rdAfter the 3rd , the pattern of cyclonic activity intensifies as some very deep depressions bring a combination of heavy rain and strong winds. 

By 4 Nov, rainfalls to the interior of NSW and to Melbourne

Between the 4th - 9th an area of low pressure becomes almost stationary near Iceland with a barometric plunge 7th, influencing the weather over a huge area of the North Atlantic.

Heavy rain or showers falls on Ireland on most days during this period, especially with the 4th - 6th and between the 9th - 10th in the South. Rain on these latter days is associated with two depressions which deepen near the south coast as they track eastwards late on the 9th and cause considerable damage over South Britain. Showers continue in all areas on 10th and 11th and temperatures fall, as winds turn to westerly direction.

Brisbane gets heavy rain 11 -12 Nov, Around the 12th a typhoon may occur in Taiwan and the Philippines, caused by high winds and torrential rain, then moves northwards to affect Japan. Torrential rain also comes to Hawaii around the 12th and 13th.

On 12th, in Ireland, expect a mainly dry day but heavy showers in the west.   Melbourne gets a possible heavy shower on the 13 Nov.  

By 13th depression moves over the South spreading heavy rain eastwards. Only northern areas remain unaffected.  A showery north-west system covers Ireland on the 14th, then dies out as winds cease on the 15thBrisbane wet for 17 Nov.

On the 16th a depression approaches the south-west, moving slowly eastwards to lie over the English Channel on the 17th. Continuous rain falls over the Ireland Midlands, south-east and East of the country, bringing large falls between 16th - 17th leading to some severe flooding and causing widespread disruption. As well as heavy rain, easterly or north-easterly gales near the southern and south-eastern coasts.

Rain stays in east and Northeast on the 18th, but most other areas dry. With the same depression centred in the North Sea on 19th and 20th, cold northerly winds persist over Ireland bringing occasional showers, but most places are dry and sunny.

Wet down south QLD coastline til 19 Nov, it spreads into NSW and ACT and Canberra on/off light rain 11-18 Nov , and Perth perhaps one-day-of rain 19th, also Alice Springs a shower 19 – 20 Nov. SA passing shower on 20 Nov.

North of QLD gets rain 20 Nov onwards, and Sydney+ Brisbane get consistently good rain 23 rd  onwards.

On the 21st a depression crosses quickly eastwards bringing rain to all areas of Ireland. At first the depression lays close to the north coast between 22nd and 24th. There are showers, some with hail, and these are heavy and frequent in the West and North.

Shower activity dies out on the 25th temporarily when a weak ridge falls over the country, but more unsettled weather quickly follows, as a depression to the north spreads rain eastwards on the 26th. More showery weather between 27th and the end of the month, as westerly winds veer NW and once again showers are heaviest in the west and north and some may be accompanied by hail.

Winter may arrive early across North America as very cold air over Canada moves southwards into the Western US by the 26th before spreading eastwards across the Rockies.

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