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  Expectations in weather science 29/07/2015
Expectations in weather science
  Weather is more a subjective science than an objective one. Predictions are opinions. You can no more analyse a weather service than a favourite colour.
  July for Australia 2015 Report 21/06/2015
July for Australia 2015 Report
  Our longrange July report for Australia States and capitals - covering weather expectations, summaries, temperature estimates, event diaries and much more. Cost: 12.50AUD (FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS)
  Back copies of newsletters 04/05/2015
Back copies of newsletters
  From February 2012 to present day.
  Northern Ireland weather 30/04/2015
Northern Ireland weather
  The reason for the recent spate of bad weather. When close perigees associate with new moon in winter, expect cooler conditions in the north.
  The deception of rising sealevels 07/12/2014
The deception of rising sealevels
  Every year scientists tell us the sea level is rising. Yet they won't name even one NZ or Australian beaches where we can witness this. Old photos and paintings show that 200 years ago high water marks were the same as today. We are being conned.
  Pacific Tropical Cyclones 2014-15 22/11/2014
Pacific Tropical Cyclones 2014-15
  A 195-page e-book pdf showing daily weather and event diagrams, 1 Nov 2014 - 30 April 2015, for Pacific region. A fairly active season is coming.
  Bryan Leyland was correct 07/11/2014
Bryan Leyland was correct
  The science community went bananas and tried to gag the sceptic. TV1 was forced to close down the alternative viewpoint. Why? Because he was embarrasingly right.
  Monsoons and cyclones 07/11/2014
Monsoons and cyclones
  What causes them? How regular are they? What is the coming season looking like for Australia and NZ?
  West Auckland summer 04/11/2014
West Auckland summer
  Auckland is mainly west coast, as northwesterlies blow across to North Shore and southwesterlies blow over to South Auckland. What West Auckland gets is often what the rest gets.
  Dancing with the stars 16/08/2014
Dancing with the stars
  Longrange forecasting is about the planets, the sun and the moon, in that order. It is not about satellites, carbon dioxide or recycling aluminium cans.
  The next half of 2014 09/07/2014
The next half of 2014
  What caused this storm? When is the next? How cold will it get this winter? Where will the snow be? In what months will frosts occur? Will we see El Nino, cyclones or earthquakes?
  Why climate is unlikely to be changing 04/07/2014
Why climate is unlikely to be changing
  They say records are made to be broken. That is how they are defined, more akin to the fashion industry than sport or weather. In the overall sheme of things they are meaningless.
  Why what is in the air cannot affect weather 20/06/2014
Why what is in the air cannot affect weather
  It is often said that what is put into the air can affect climate and weather. But whether CO2 or volcanic ash, the earth will always be unaffected. The immensity of forces causing air, water and land tides ensures that normality is quickly restored.
  Why the 1959 drought may return in the next 4-5 years 07/05/2014
Why the 1959 drought may return in the next 4-5 years
  Weather is determined by astronomical and physical reasons which are under fixed cyclic control. Predictions of potentials and trends is possible from analysing factors that produced weather in past years.
  Chem-trails and earthquakes 21/03/2014
Chem-trails and earthquakes
  They have been 'observed' around earthquake times in Christchurch. Do they have anything to do with earthquakes? And are they some secret government plot to poison us? We update an article written in 2011.
  El Nino not till next year 06/03/2014
El Nino not till next year
  Nothing that will be labelled El Nino is due for another year and a half. Meteorologists cannot go on ignoring moon cycles, and the lunar correlation with ocean oscillation.
  Whales, Earthquakes and the Moon 22/01/2014
Whales, Earthquakes and the Moon
  Here is the evidence scientists and the NZ Herald seem to deny exists. Do whales strand because they are knocked out by earthquakes? Earthquakes seem to occur around the northernmost transit of the Moon (declination).
  The Effects of the Moon on Earth's Weather 13/01/2014
The Effects of the Moon on Earth's Weather
  The Moon brings tropical cyclones and heatwaves, floods and balmy summer days. It is a Jekyll and Hyde. How it achieves this is through the tides it induces in land crust, ocean and air.
  The Figures Don't Match 06/01/2014
The Figures Don't Match
  The media are very enthusiastic over shrill claims by some forecasters that 2013 was the warmest or second warmest year yet for NZ. We can tell you this is probably a science fib, and we will attempt to prove it here using NIWA's own figures.
  Global warmers glad to see the back of 2013 05/01/2014
Global warmers glad to see the back of 2013
  It's been a bad year. No hurricanes, record cold at Poles, and a braver breed of politicians..and to top it off a comedy of errors no money could buy.
  Looking after - the planet? 10/10/2013
Looking after - the planet?
  The media have been at it again, promoting the lie that the planet has been warming, at the same time suppressing evidence to the contrary.
  Climate changers dancing in the streets 28/09/2013
Climate changers dancing in the streets
  The warmers are celebrating over a recent report by the UN that climate change is indeed happening, despite most of the world now believing it is, as it always was, complete nonsense.
  Climate change - the evidence they don't want people to see 27/09/2013
Climate change - the evidence they don't want people to see
  NZ earth scientists in 2012 put out incorrect statements about global warming. Their own website data shows how they have misled the public.
  The Christchurch Storm and the Moon 13/09/2013
The Christchurch Storm and the Moon
  Page 365 of our weather almanac suggests disturbed westerlies and northwesterlies over the South island for 11 September. How might the moon have been involved?
  Rain coming for Sydney 09/09/2013
Rain coming for Sydney
  Notes from interview transcripts from Radio 2UE over the past week. Sydneysiders are wondering if the coming summer will be a repeat of the last scorcher. The answer is this is unlikely. Some days may be hot, but few days if any should heat to over 40C.
  White lies in winter 01/09/2013
White lies in winter
  Some meteorologists are saying that due to global warming NZ has just had its warmest winter ever. At the same time, ski operators have had a truly fantastic season. Can't both be true.
  Sun Moonquakes and Tide 17/08/2013
Sun Moonquakes and Tide
  Our take on the Seddon earthquakes. Activity has also been in Russia, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Chile, the Philippines and Indonesia. So is the situation global?
  UK and Ireland weather for August 12/08/2013
UK and Ireland weather for August
  There is considerable interest in whether or not summer heatwave temperatures may return. Our opinion is yes, but some folk may have to wait until near the end of this month.
  Earth is Blue, not green 09/08/2013
Earth is Blue, not green
  Recent claims by NZ's top scientist shows how astonishingly ill-researched scientists have become, leading to basic misunderstandings about life on this planet.
  Cook Strait earthquakes 22/07/2013
Cook Strait earthquakes
  There have been nearly 700 recorded shakes over the past few days, 400 of them in the past 24 hours. They are not finished yet. What is the reason for them?
  Free map offer 16/06/2013
Free map offer
  Traditional forecasters who once insisted it was impossible, are now offering weather predictions for more than a week ahead. We think this is a pleasing development, as it gives longrange forecasting the stamp of approval.
  Severe winter ahead 19/04/2013
Severe winter ahead
  The almanac 2013 predicted the drought and the April rains that ended it. The almanac also predicts an unusually cold winter looming.
  Why we had a drought 06/04/2013
Why we had a drought
  This drought was mentioned no fewer than 6 times in the Weather Almanac for 2013 for NZ, as were the words "scorching hot summer", "heat-waves" and "fire-bans" The reasons are easily explained.
  Weather to come in 2013 05/04/2013
Weather to come in 2013
  Back in November we said the summer would be a scorcher. After a delightful December and a hot and dry January, longrange forecasting appears accurate and reliable. So what may be coming for NZ?
  Don't waves cause winds, rather than vice versa? 28/03/2013
Don't waves cause winds, rather than vice versa?
  Textbooks say wind generates waves BUT ALSO sea surface temperatures affect the atmosphere. Which is it? The truth is swells come before wind. The science needs revisiting.
  Drought of commonsense 15/03/2013
Drought of commonsense
  The potential for drought was mentioned in this year's almanac, p62. A look at our history shows the pattern, and we should be looking for cycles. If so farmers could better manage dry seasons.
  Hang on farmers, rain is coming 22/02/2013
Hang on farmers, rain is coming
  The outlook for March is one of relief for NZ farmers. Watch out for the effects of some dying cyclones, passing depressions and possible floods. View the latest update here for some good news!
  Sunspot numbers up, earthquake risk 05/01/2013
Sunspot numbers up, earthquake risk
  The sun emits extra radiation that we call sunspots. They are responsible for extra heat in places experiencing summer, and potential earthquakes.
  Moon winds 27/12/2012
Moon winds
  The moon can be demonstrated to be influential in causing and changing wind strength and direction. Yachties know that there is often a big blow before the tide turns, and on the turn the wind may drop.
  Merry Christmas 24/12/2012
Merry Christmas
  We were told to expect rain, some torrential, all this week in Auckland. However as the remains of cyclone Evan drift disintegrate long drier spells should develop for main cities.
  The end of the end of the world 20/12/2012
The end of the end of the world
  You would think that if the world will end on 21/12/2012, the date the Mayans are claimed to see as a watershed, this date of Great Upheaval and Widespread Destruction, that we would be seeing things happening already. So how come the big hold-up?
  The Moon and recent seismic activity 28/11/2012
The Moon and recent seismic activity
  On 7-8 December there was a 6.3mag earthquake in Tokoroa. Japan has made world headlines with a 7.3mag. A deadly cyclone is battering Samoa. Were these moon-related?
  The Climate of Science Change 23/11/2012
The Climate of Science Change
  The phony science of climate change has shown that uncertainty is irrelevant, evidence is not needed and results are now decided by computer. The climate is not changing, but there is no profit for anyone in saying so.
  The Full moon and Hurricane Sandy 31/10/2012
The Full moon and Hurricane Sandy
  It may not have escaped readers’ attention that Hurricane Sandy has peaked on the exact day of Full moon.
  What will November bring? 24/10/2012
What will November bring?
  Because the orbits and daily positions of Sun, Moon and planets can be calculated in advance, we can determine interpretations of these combinations with respect to weekly and sometimes daily weather conditions.
  Consensus now achieved 24/10/2012
Consensus now achieved
  Environmental scientists appear to have reached consensus. They are at last agreed that the jury is still out on climate change and global warming. Many skeptical reports at university level have emerged, and those in the field seem to agree that what once they thought was reliable evidence is now too shaky.
  Dark morning in November 22/10/2012
Dark morning in November
  A total solar eclipse of the sun is coming nearly over NZ in November. Destructive weather can occur several months beforehand.
  The sea and the kettle 05/10/2012
The sea and the kettle
  You would think that “sea-level rise” was well documented, considering alarmists seem so sure that it is happening, but virtually nothing is to be found in literature or on the internet about the expansion properties of saltwater in association with atmospheric greenhouse gases.
  The Holes in the Ozone story 24/09/2012
The Holes in the Ozone story
  Every October we read alarmist headlines about a larger ozone hole. Why?
  What climate change? 20/09/2012
What climate change?
  With the lead-up to the arrival of prime climate change exponent Al Gore, much of the media sees dollar signs in a new round of alarmism. So let us just for a moment pause and reflect on what the word climate means for New Zealand.
  Cyclone season may be a fizzer 26/08/2012
Cyclone season may be a fizzer
  What years are more favoured for tropical cyclones? An explanation about what causes them and reasons for conclusions about this season.
  More bad weather to come for NZ 14/07/2012
More bad weather to come for NZ
  Don’t let one or two fine days fool you. Despite some reports otherwise our NZ winter weather is far from over. Expect about another 15 cold southerly systems before November.
  The Wind Trade 12/07/2012
The Wind Trade
  There has been speculation that El Niño may return during late winter or early spring. Drought in the east of both Australia and NZ is more likely during El Niño events because of drying winds from the west. But will it happen?
  Declinations and earthquakes 01/07/2012
Declinations and earthquakes
  The moon moves like a regular clock, covering a cycle of between 18-19 years called the nodal cycle. There is a correlation to this cycle and earthquake frequency.
  Don't scream, it's over 01/07/2012
Don't scream, it's over
  Global warming is dead. There never was any evidence and everybody knew it. The green industry backed by the UN exacerbated poverty and caused recession as they tried to close down progress and enterprise.
  Limitations of the barometer 23/06/2012
Limitations of the barometer
  This 3675-word essay explores why the orbiting of the moon has the answers to weather prediction, and how the barometer may be improved. Through observance of these principles you will have a better understanding of how to predict season trends. Cost: $13NZ (FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS)
  If planets could laugh 22/05/2012
If planets could laugh
  We have to imagine planets have a sense of humour and that they find our species incredibly dumb. No other species calls itself the Master Race, but is so scared of sunlight, warmth, snow, rain, dust, water and wind.
  Can we affect the weather? 22/05/2012
Can we affect the weather?
  Is it possible man's behaviour is so pervading that it can change weather patterns? Only in some people's dreams and nightmares.
  Is NZ getting more earthquakes? 22/05/2012
Is NZ getting more earthquakes?
  You cannot necessarily believe what the media says. They only wish to sell product and increase ratings. It does not appear NZ has entered into any unusual pattern.
  Bad moon rising? 02/05/2012
Bad moon rising?
  Perigees are to be watched carefully. This month's is the closest for the year.
  Traditional Earthquake myths exposed 01/05/2012
Traditional Earthquake myths exposed
  Alternative viewpoints, uncompromised by the politics of research-funding or city rebuilding have not had equal air time.
  Ireland lookahead to summer 01/05/2012
Ireland lookahead to summer
  What will summer bring for Ireland? Not a scorcher, but pleasant enough.
  Do clouds move? 01/05/2012
Do clouds move?
  You can look down from a plane and see clouds stationary, but look up from the ground and see them racing around. So which is it?
  Is CO2 a pollutant? 23/04/2012
Is CO2 a pollutant?
  Whoever thinks so has not bothered doing the arithmetic. It turns out that your SUV is probably no more polluting than you are.
  Two tides per day 21/04/2012
Two tides per day
  What causes there to be two tides both high & low each day, when the moon passes over each place on earth only once a day? The answer is unexpected.
  Planetquakes? 17/03/2012
  Is there weather and quakes on other planets? If there was, weather must have nothing to do with air and earthquakes must have nothing to do with tectonic plates. Screaming horrors..scientists may have to think again. Guess what folks..
  Moon cycles, a summary 07/02/2012
Moon cycles, a summary
  List of moon events for 2012-2014. Use this to plot atmospheric disturbances at your location.
  What causes earthquakes? 04/02/2012
What causes earthquakes?
  How planetary cycles power earthquakes. Unless scars now mysteriously cause their preceding accidents, the causes of earthquakes have nothing to do with tectonic plates.
  Christchurch earthquakes: a review 27/01/2012
Christchurch earthquakes: a review
  The spin, the facts, and some surprises. Is information being hidden from the public? Why did three separate 18th century mariners draw Banks Peninsular as an island? Some say the rebuild may not start to happen for at least a year, maybe two.
  Planting By The Moon 15/12/2011
Planting By The Moon
  Planting and gardening by the moon's monthly orbit is very old. Basically there are two considerations, phase and declination. The full story is described here.
  The Eclipse 10/12/2011
The Eclipse
  It is the total lunar eclipse tonight at 3am, the last fully visible one from the Pacific region until 15 April 2014. Tomorrow morning watch the full moon turn red.
  Why you might not want to believe a Skeptic. 08/12/2011
Why you might not want to believe a Skeptic.
  Science..or someone's uninformed idea of astrology? For too long the NZ media have given the Skeptics Society an unchallenged run.
  Throwing away Brisbane water? 20/11/2011
Throwing away Brisbane water?
  Water is currently being released week from Brisbane's Wivenhoe Dam in case of flooding this summer. The lowering of the dam is to prevent what happened last year.
  Global warming officially dead? 20/11/2011
Global warming officially dead?
  The IPCC, the UN spokesorganisation for climate change, has now admitted that climate is due to natural variation and not due to the activities of Man. But you probably won't read about this in the alarmist press.
  Will Elenin affect Earth? 19/09/2011
Will Elenin affect Earth?
  Some facts about a cold weak pile of dust called a comet that seem to have been ignored by those anxious to float a good scare story.
  Christchurch wake up call 19/09/2011
Christchurch wake up call
  A perspective on what is and isn't happening. Are numbers of earthquakes decreasing? Are the right people getting help?
  2012 for NZ 01/09/2011
2012 for NZ
  A bullet point summary of weather trends for next year. Farmers and agriculturalists are making planning decisions right now. What kind of year will it be? Cold again or heatwaves? Stormy or calm? Extracted from Predict Weather Almanac 2012
  Earthquake News 26/08/2011
Earthquake News
  Is rebuilding a little hasty? Another event may be coming to Christchurch in September. Let's rebuild confidence before concrete.
  The Moon and the Volcano 27/06/2011
The Moon and the Volcano
  Mt Pinatubo in 1991 did NOT cause ongoing global change in temperatures or sunshine levels. Neither did the Iceland volcano affect the atmosphere longterm, nor the Chilean ash cloud. But they want you to believe it so you will believe in climate change.
  Earthquake in Auckland? 17/09/2010
Earthquake in Auckland?
  Some are asking if it could happen in NZ's biggest city. Find out here..
  Ken Ring, the Moonman, and lunar science 12/08/2010
Ken Ring, the Moonman, and lunar science
  Ken Ring is perhaps Australia and NZ's only published longrange weather forecaster.
  Snow Report 2010 to 2020 11/08/2010
Snow Report 2010 to 2020
  A summary of snow seasons 2010 to 2020. Which month to avoid in 2010, and the best time to go to the slopes, and also an understanding of the perspective of the cycle of changes over the next decade.
  Plastic bags get a bad wrap 24/01/2010
Plastic bags get a bad wrap
  A look at the issues surrounding disposable nappies, plastic bags etc and the comparison to "greener" options. Plastic is light, healthy, efficient, hygienic, cheap, disposable, and recyclable. What's not to like?
  Oil may be running in - not out. 24/01/2010
Oil may be running in - not out.
  Are we being screwed by the oil companies? Do they create false shortages so they can raise prices however they wish?
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