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  Perigee 15 May 14/05/2015
Perigee 15 May
  The heavy rain in Wellington was only warned of by NZ Metservice this morning, when it was already happening. Yesterday it was forecast only for Taranaki. Yet it is perigee day tomorrow, when extremes are typical.
  Supertramp, the Story of Bruce 22/12/2014
Supertramp, the Story of Bruce
  Bruce, the all-weather man, lived in the raw and on the road. Full length account of a swaggie in an earlier New Zealand. Cost: 29.99(NZD)
  Blood moon 07/10/2014
Blood moon
  Tonight it is said to be a blood moon. Yikes!! What are they and should we be alarmed? Blood moons are just about eclipses, so no, nothing we should be concerned about. Same old moon as always.
  Yahoo News articles 15/08/2014
Yahoo News articles
  Yahoo News (NZ) publishes our opinion-articles. They represent an alternative viewpoint to that expressed by mainstream science. You can link to them here.
  Weather Almanac for Australia 2014 26/01/2014
Weather Almanac for Australia 2014
  Now available. The 511 page book comprises daily estimations of rain, temps, and wind, plus severe events diaries etc for all states and capitals and many smaller centres throughout Australia. Cost: 69.62AUD (Includes post)
  Weather Almanac for Ireland 2014 24/01/2014
Weather Almanac for Ireland 2014
  Weather for next year for the whole of Ireland and for each county. Rain maps, temperature trends, snow, gardening, fishing diaries, sun tables, and much more. Cost: 33EURO + 13.50postage
  Prepare for a hot summer 06/12/2013
Prepare for a hot summer
  Two heat waves are expected, in both January and February, and heavy rain to spoil Xmas for some. Farmers will be delighted at pasture growth, but Canterbury farmers may wish for more rain.
  Whangarei-Northland 2013-14 Report 08/11/2013
Whangarei-Northland 2013-14 Report
  A 46-page report covering the season ahead and the rest of 2014. Rain, sun and temperature tables and graphs. Complete written report with trends compared with averages. Cost: $23 (FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS)
  International Event Diary Next 3 Months 01/11/2013
International Event Diary Next 3 Months
  The body of this article was posted on 1 November 2013. Updates will be added as events come to pass. These are not certainties but possibilities and potentials, based on recurring lunar cycles.
  Supermoon coming soon 14/06/2013
Supermoon coming soon
  On 23 June the moon will be the closest to earth for all of 2013. As the moon creates weather and tides, what extremes can we expect?
  Fine weather coming to an end? 08/02/2013
Fine weather coming to an end?
  The cicadas are subdued for this time of year, and with the arrival of predicted first-week-in-February rain, the sting of the hot summer has arguably ended for Auckland.
  Waitangi Day – lucky to escape rain 31/01/2013
Waitangi Day – lucky to escape rain
  This article was written and posted here a year ago. We could foresee nearby rain and wondered if the holiday should be on the nearest weekend, because the weekends either side would have been better weather.
  Is summer about to end? 14/01/2013
Is summer about to end?
  There are about 5 good days left in Auckland before chances of rain may spoil the holidays. But we did warn of this back in October.
  NZ Summer for travellers 23/11/2012
NZ Summer for travellers
  Summer has arrived for some. The top half of the North Island is looking at mostly settled weather for nearly the next two months. Travellers are wondering where to book trips to, over the coming season.
  Summer outlook 11/10/2012
Summer outlook
  Many are now beginning to plan for summer holidays and wish to bear in mind where and when the dry intervals may arrive, to avoid the disappointment of finding themselves and their families holidaying in unsettled weather..
  Weather until November 11/09/2012
Weather until November
  Over the next four weeks, winter returns through September and October.
  Will there be any more snow this winter? 25/07/2012
Will there be any more snow this winter?
  There are many who have already prebooked early birds for the season. Already things are not looking promising. What is in store?
  Isobaric Maps for Australia and NZ 16/07/2012
Isobaric Maps for Australia and NZ
  July, August, September and October's MSL daily isobaric maps covering all of Australia and NZ. See what weather systems are coming well ahead of time. Accuracy over 90%. Cost: 14.95 (FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS)
  The Fishing Archive, updated weekly 07/01/2012
The Fishing Archive, updated weekly
  Ken Ring is on Radio Live B Sport with Geoff Thomas's Fishing Show, every Saturday morning at 7.55am. Read here for free what the moon is doing now and this coming week. All interviews transcribed here.
  21 May - are you all packed? 19/05/2011
21 May - are you all packed?
  Should we be concerned that the end of the world has been forecast? The wider picture is more worrying - the role of the media.
  Final notice about earthquakes 24/04/2011
Final notice about earthquakes
  This is the last notice, as promised. The 29th - 3rd is the apogee, lunar equinox and new moon.
  Earthquake notes 10/04/2011
Earthquake notes
  This page is intended only for those who wish to read it, and desire my opinion about potentials over the coming week and over Easter. If opinions scare you, PLEASE do not open this.
  Reflections after 20 March 02/04/2011
Reflections after 20 March
  The day came, and with it the greatest earthquake activity in 4 weeks. What was learned?
  The ethics of warning 08/03/2011
The ethics of warning
  Some are understandably not comfortable with warnings put out by meteorologists and health professionals. Others are grateful. What should the experts do?
  After the Interview 05/03/2011
After the Interview
  A post interview update and looking a bit closer at the pattern.
  Is 20 March significant? 24/02/2011
Is 20 March significant?
  The next kingtide brings potential for extreme events. Now many eyes are upon 20 March, then 18 April.
  Earthquakes cause fault lines, not vice versa 22/02/2011
Earthquakes cause fault lines, not vice versa
  The Christchurch earthquake created a new fault line. Does this reverse the notion that jolts appear along faults?
  Planets and Earthquakes 22/02/2011
Planets and Earthquakes
  The planets affect the Sun, namely Jupiter and Saturn. What is their role in causing earthquakes?
  A smoking gun? 19/02/2011
A smoking gun?
  Scientists have posted a great graph showing how moon phases and perigee/apogee create peaks in earthquake numbers and seismic energy. Is it final proof of the moon's role in the timing of earthquakes? Let readers be the judge.
  Earthquakes again in Christchurch? 14/02/2011
Earthquakes again in Christchurch?
  The 15-25 February window is coming. Watch out around the 18th.
  How To Predict Earthquakes 01/02/2011
How To Predict Earthquakes
  This is about the bigger ones, a chart for the year's potential major global shakes and aftershocks so that you may be better prepared.
  Newsletter of 23 Jan 23/01/2011
Newsletter of 23 Jan
  The truth about the weather is that it is caused mostly by the Moon in its partnership with the Sun. Read here about current weather - what is really happening and why, and what is coming up.
  Full moon, cyclones and earthquakes 20/01/2011
Full moon, cyclones and earthquakes
  It is full moon today, and it is in perigee, the time to expect bigger tides, cyclones and earthquakes. So how many lightbulbs does it take to change a scientist?
  Global warming debate 07/01/2011
Global warming debate
  Nationwide debate on Channel Seven's Sunrise programme, between Ken Ring and Nick Rowley, Tony Blair's advisor for global warming. Monday 8.15am Sydney time.
  Latest Christchurch earthquake 26/12/2010
Latest Christchurch earthquake
  A 4.7 occurred in the early hours, at 5kms down. Very scary for Christchurch residents. Let's look at the coincidences. Again the moon appears to be involved.
  George Carlin 19/12/2010
George Carlin
  Saving the Planet.
  New green propaganda 17/12/2010
New green propaganda
  You only get so many decades to say, we've got 5 years to save the planet. So watch out for cunning new strategies from the greenies
  Tides of the Earth 29/11/2010
Tides of the Earth
  Are earthquakes and tides linked? The true story of what the moon pulls.
  Christchurch earthquake update 22/11/2010
Christchurch earthquake update
  The full moon has brought an increase in shake numbers, but they are dying away now and it should be calm for a while. Read why in our latest update.
  Can earthquakes be predicted? 25/10/2010
Can earthquakes be predicted?
  If the Sun and Moon are responsible, then earthquake clusters may be somewhat forewarned. If these two are ruled out then what else is there?
  No year is normal 16/08/2010
No year is normal
  What does normal mean? The word is used a lot by forecasters.
  The real Oil Catastrophe? 14/06/2010
The real Oil Catastrophe?
  Is the Gulf of Mexico oil spill an opportunity for oil companies and governments to hike prices? What the media won't tell you.
  Rainbows 14/03/2010
  Everyone loves rainbows, especially kids. Rainbows mean something about weather coming. We've all seen double and even triple rainbows. What do they mean?
  Cloud secrets 07/03/2010
Cloud secrets
  Ever wondered how the old-timers could look up and tell you correctly what was coming? Here's a quick 5-minute course.
  The tsunami and the moon 02/03/2010
The tsunami and the moon
  An earthquake near Chile measured 8.8 on the Richter scale. It was shallow enough to send a ripple across the ocean towards NZ. Tsunami risks for NZ only come from the east. It is no coincidence that the moon is far closer to us right now.
  The Moon and the Water Table 26/02/2010
The Moon and the Water Table
  When the tide is high at the coast it is also high in the water table under the ground. By keeping an eye on the tidal variation we can determine how much to irrigate plants.
  Threat to Freedom: global warning 25/01/2010
Threat to Freedom: global warning
  The world is now divided between those who think Nature causes weather and those who believe that man and his emissions are responsible for all the current catastrophes and that and freakish weather was never experienced before. Why is open debate not allowed anymore?
  Times and tides 25/01/2010
Times and tides
  Not only do the oceans have tides, but the Earth (Land) also does, with a visco-elastic deformation of the earth under the action of the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun. Here are some observations and folklores to think about.
  Here Comes The Sun (spots) 25/01/2010
Here Comes The Sun (spots)
  The tide of increased electromagnetic intensity on the Sun is stirring back into life. Black mole-like marks called ‘sunspots’, in reality regions of strong magnetic field, are re-gathering on the Sun's surface after a long absence.
  Is The Weather Fickle, or Just the Forecasters? 25/01/2010
Is The Weather Fickle, or Just the Forecasters?
  The country’s meteorologists seem to be reacting to weather rather than predicting it and saying its getting more unpredictable. Should we now wait nervously for the next lot of bizarre weather behaviour to descend on us? Lets not forget the Grand Weather Cycles…!
  Whither our weather 25/01/2010
Whither our weather
  Those whose livelihoods depend on the weather in NZ know that there are two major systems that contribute to our climate. But the shape of continents, latitude and the distribution of ocean currents are also contributors.
  The turning of the tide 25/01/2010
The turning of the tide
  The world's leading economies, who couldn't agree on any actual policy on climate change at the G-8 Summit in Italy last July, opted instead to command the clouds, the seas and all of the Earth to cool, with a decree “the increase in global average temperature above pre-industrial levels shall not exceed 2 degrees [Celsius]”. Doesn’t this sound a bit like the vain attempts of King Canute to stop the waves?
  History of Modern Weather Forecasting 24/01/2010
History of Modern Weather Forecasting
  A look at the foundations of weather forecasting techniques from the late 18th century onwards.
  Perigees on the move 24/01/2010
Perigees on the move
  Extreme weather events that wreck havoc - why? The answer lies in the Moon's declinations and perigees.
  Returns of a Cold Sun 24/01/2010
Returns of a Cold Sun
  A time travel adventure across New Zealand shows that the 36 year Sun tide cycle may not bode well for winter of 2010, which looks rather frighteningly like the winter of 1939 returning. Temperatures in the world are always tied to solar activity.
  Sea and Air 24/01/2010
Sea and Air
  Computer modeling allows us to invent a different story by manipulating data to create trends… Has the IPCC been making up evidence? Lets compare the carbon footprints of a plane to that of a snails slime trail…
  Whether or not to shoot the messenger 24/01/2010
Whether or not to shoot the messenger
  As political commentators do occasionally get elections wrong, and doctors can make wrong diagnoses, so it is at times with weather forecasts. Here is a discussion about some of the pitfalls in this business known as weather prediction.
  Some level-headed thinking please 24/01/2010
Some level-headed thinking please
  The predicted increase in sea-levels keeps rising, with each scientific body trying to out-do the other with more and more preposterous claims. So, how can each of them be correct when there is no consensus amongst any of them?
  Stopping Climate Change 24/01/2010
Stopping Climate Change
  The call to arms at the moment is that "we must stop climate change". While we are at it we might also want to stop earthquakes, volcanoes and possibly the rotation of Earth, for all those contribute to the change of climate. So, what else do we need to do to stop “climate change”?
  The Moon and You 24/01/2010
The Moon and You
  The moon pulls the water, the air and even the land by gravitational force. But what about the moons forces upon us, our internal “weather”? Does it influence our psyche?
  The Stick 24/01/2010
The Stick
  There is the real world that we live in, and there is the fantasy mathematical/computer dream world of Alice in Wonderland that climate scientists inhabit. The day the globe warms will be the SAME day that you find you are able to dip the end of a long stick in the water and make the sea rise up like a huge tsunami causing a global catastrophe.
  The Year The Moon Stands Still 23/01/2010
The Year The Moon Stands Still
  Lunar standstill is the ancient name given to the time the moon reaches its maximum declination after 18.6 years. Callanish plots this slow progress, building to a crescendo in the 19th year at the lunar standstill - when the path of the moon is so low that it seems to walk along the horizon before setting within the stone circle.....
  Yawning and sleeping to spread awareness about climate change 23/01/2010
Yawning and sleeping to spread awareness about climate change
  Perhaps like me you are becoming tired of the alarmism about climate change and global warming.
  Reason for the Season 23/01/2010
Reason for the Season
  When the Full Moon is in southern declination - what can we expect?
  If there was no moon 02/10/2009
If there was no moon
  Would the Earth's weather be any different if the moon didn't exist? French physicists modeling the stability of the tilt of the Earth's spin axis have shown that our planet should have experienced dramatic and chaotic changes in tilt over its lifetime, as have the other terrestrial planets.
  Watch out for perigee 02/10/2009
Watch out for perigee
  Certain moon positions cause more-cyclone years. This article discusses the role of perigees.
  Moon on the move 02/10/2009
Moon on the move
  Declination is when the moon changes latitudes every 13 days. Taking the equator as starting point, after 7 days the moon is over Japan, over the next 7 days the equator, 7 days later over Brisbane and 7 days later back to the equator. In just one day, the distance traveled is equivalent to Oamaru to Blenheim.
  The 18.613 yr cycle 02/10/2009
The 18.613 yr cycle
  Earlier in the week Campbell Live on TV3 discussed erosion due to higher-than-normal tides on the West Coast as proof of global warming, with the fears now by the mayor and residents that the sea will keep coming in year after year unidirectionally, swallowing first the houses, then the road, the whole town, and finally the Alps. Utter bollocks. Anyone serious about rising seas this year or erosion clearly do not understand the tidal cycle. 18.6 years ago the tide heights were the same.
  An Inexact Science 01/10/2009
An Inexact Science
  Scientists are partly to blame for calling weather forecasting a 'science'.
  Biofuels 01/10/2009
  Do we need them?
  Blame The Weather On The Moon 01/10/2009
Blame The Weather On The Moon
  Using the orbits and phases of the moon I suggest it should be possible to determine weather infinitely ahead.
  Can we have any effect on the weather? 01/10/2009
Can we have any effect on the weather?
  We devote futile time and effort in attempts to persuade ourselves that we are in control of the planet.
  Do Planets have Weather? 01/10/2009
Do Planets have Weather?
  “When the trees and leaves are rustling it makes the wind” - Emma (7)
  Does China's pollution affect the planet? 01/10/2009
Does China's pollution affect the planet?
  Is there any truth to the media commentary at the moment about Beijing smog and soot, and some environmentalists have been linking pollution in that city to their global warming concerns and the threat to the planet?
  Does Mercury drop the mercury? 01/10/2009
Does Mercury drop the mercury?
  On November 9th, the tiny spot moving across the face of the Sun wasn't some newly discovered weird roving sunspot. It was Earth's sister planet Mercury in a totally predictable transit in front of the Sun.
  El Ni or No 01/10/2009
El Ni or No
  In its 3-month 'forecast' issued in early September, NIWA said: "El Nino may bring less rain, early frosts".
  El Nino Explained 01/10/2009
El Nino Explained
  El Niño and La Niña have a simple explanation. There are only two basic points to remember.
  Environmentalists endanger the planet 01/10/2009
Environmentalists endanger the planet
  If an honest man is wrong, after demonstrating that he is wrong, he either stops being wrong or he stops being honest. - Anon
  Floods not unusual 01/10/2009
Floods not unusual
  "A hypothesis is always preferable to the truth, for we tailor a hypothesis to fit our opinion of the truth, whereas the truth is only its own awkward self. Ergo, never discover the truth when a hypothesis will do." -- Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince (1513).
  Frozen is more normal 01/10/2009
Frozen is more normal
  We hear much about how "fragile" or "delicate" the Earth and its climate are now considered to be, and how very easily we can go beyond "tipping point".
  Gentlemen, Place Your Bets.. 01/10/2009
Gentlemen, Place Your Bets..
  The trading game is about to start. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund(IMF) act out of the UN. So does the International Panel for Climate Change(IPCC).
  Global Warming in a Flat-Earth 01/10/2009
Global Warming in a Flat-Earth
  Global temperatures are supposed to be rising. According to the Greens humans have been responsible and so are responsible for fixing it.
  Global warming, I don’t think so 01/10/2009
Global warming, I don’t think so
  As I look out my window I see no evidence of global catastrophe. Rita and Katrina were supposed to be the start of more and stronger hurricanes, yet this has been the lightest year on record for US storm events. 1998 was the 6th hottest year, but the world has been cooling since. Antarctica has been thickening for the past 20 years and ice banking up has caused breakaway lumps, some appearing on our east coast in November. The Tasman glacier has been advancing since 1996. NZ had the coldest June since 1972, then a windy spring and a cold start to summer. A warmer world?
  Greenhouse Horse Pucky 01/10/2009
Greenhouse Horse Pucky
  So much has been written now about emissions and global warming that these days hardly anyone bothers to challenge the basic science behind it all. But let's tackle this old chestnut of the so-called greenhouse effect whereby the heat from the earth reflects down from the greenhouse cover made by greenhouse gases, especially from emissions from cars and factories, and this makes the world steadily hotter.
  Has Meteorology Taken a Wrong Turning? 01/10/2009
Has Meteorology Taken a Wrong Turning?
  The Australian Weather Bureau is currently facing an inquiry into why weather is not being predicted to the satisfaction of the country’s taxpayers and farming groups.

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